Personal Trainer Liverpool 10 Essential Tricep Exercises for Strength: Moving Beyond Bench Press

10 Essential Tricep Exercises for Strength: Moving Beyond Bench Press

Person bench pressing with focus on triceps.

Unravelling the Mystery: Does Bench Press Really Work Your Triceps?

Alright, mates, welcome back to our fitness corner where we dig deep into the essence of every pump, pull, and press. Let's sift the wheat from the chaff and debunk the long-held belief; "Does the Bench Press Really Work Your Triceps?"

  • The bench press does indeed engage your triceps, however, it’s not the whole story.

  • The bench press only adequately triggers two out of three heads of the triceps.

  • The third muscle head, the long head, engages less during the bench press.

  • This reduced engagement of the long head potentially hampers the overall growth of your triceps.

  • The real hitch: triceps aren’t usually the limiting factor in a bench press.

First off, there's no two ways about it, the bench press does engage the triceps, and anyone who's ever powered through an intense bench session can testify to feeling the burn in those guns. The catch, however, lies in the extent and quality of that engagement.

In anatomical terms, your triceps muscle is a three-headed beast and is quite the mixed bag when it comes to bench pressing. The work done by your triceps during a bench press depends on which of these three heads we're talking about. Bench presses mainly engage the lateral and medial heads of the triceps, leaving the third head, the long one, feeling a tad bit left out.

Unfortunately, the long head of the triceps doesn't pull its weight in the bench press due to its location across the shoulder joint. This interferes with the range of motion during pressing movements. Since each head of the triceps muscle contributes to the overall size of the guns you're looking to flex, the exclusion of the long head can chop your potential triceps growth prospects in half.

Nonetheless, don't get too caught up in the technicalities. Any pumping session also requires a strong mind-muscle connection. Paying mindful attention to the working muscle can lead to higher engagement. Even though the long head might be sitting out, focusing on your triceps during the press can level up the muscle workout quality.

Here comes the kicker; triceps aren't usually the limiting factor in the bench press. More often than not, your friendly neighbourhood pectorals take the brunt of the force during a bench press, inhibiting your triceps from reaching their full growth potential during this exercise.

Conclusion: From a Personal Trainer's Perspective

From the lens of a seasoned personal trainer's perspective, a bench press packed with a punch can work wonders for your overall chest and arm strength. But if your gun show aspirations are hinged solely on this magnificent press, you might be barking up the wrong fitness tree.

Remember lads, no one exercise is the silver bullet. A balanced routine that targets each muscle group accurately and adequately is key to achieving your fitness goals. When it comes to the triceps, incorporating a mix of exercises like triceps dips, close-grip bench press, skull crushers or cable pushdowns might be just what the fitness doctor ordered for those often overlooked third heads.

To wrap things up, while bench press does engage the triceps, don't solely rely on it for a full triceps workout. Use it as a formidable part of a well-rounded routine to reap the most benefits. The challenge here lies in not being obsessed with one exercise linearly. Instead be more open, versatile and invest in an arsenal of exercises that will make you stronger, fitter and happier. Keep your progress in check, listen to your body and don't forget, success starts where comfort zones end. Choose progress over perfection, always.

Until next time, keep rocking, keep sweating, keep shining and remember, it's not about having time, it's about making time. Let's lace up and hit the gym, mates!

Let's get physical and conquer the game! Trust the process and the results will follow. Stay tuned for more fit-spirations and until then, keep those guns loaded and remember, Your fittest future self is just a press, pull or pump away!

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