Jack Pierce PT

##Personal Trainer And Founder Throughout my life, I have loved learning sports; ranging from rock climbing, parkour, ice skating, bmxing, basketball and many more. Through this journey I have gained a passion for exercise.

I have delivered over 1,600 Personal Training sessions with 1-1 clients, and hundreds of hours of group training sessions too.

As the founder of Reshape Infinity Fitness, my vision for our future is to have multi sport gym's accross the world and inspire other people to fall in love with exercise just like I did. At Reshape Infinity Fitness we strive to help you reach your goals and find your motivation to become your ideal version of you.

You have the power to Reshape!


  • Personal Trainer
  • Gym Instruction
  • Circuit Training
  • lifeguard
  • First Aid
  • Safeguarding And Protecting Children
  • Coach disabled people in sport

###Inspiration The first time I was inspired to work out purposefully, was when my older brother Owen joined a boxing club when he was 16. Over the coming months he became strong enough to do press-ups with me on his back. As a child this made me want to be like my big brother, and begin training myself to workout and get strong!