Personal Trainer Liverpool Welcome to Reshape Infinity Fitness blog

Welcome to Reshape Infinity Fitness blog

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Thank you for visiting Reshape Infinity Fitness (RIF), this is our first blog post, and introduction to.

Our aim is to inform and advise on workout routines, tasty nutritious recipes to inspire and motivate people to take a journey of self discovery and personal improvement.

There is a brilliant quote by Henry David Thoreau: “We are what we repeatedly do, excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit!”

Here at RIF we try to encourage people to lead meaningful lives, by pursuing the things that inspire them!We hope that you find this, and our future blog posts interesting and insightful!

Future blog topics

  1. Fitness tips

  2. Workout routines

  3. Nutritional advice and flavoursome recipes

  4. Motivation in the form of self-help materials.

The Reshape Community are those who love to challenge themselves, we are a bunch of like-minded individuals, who together make change happen, we go after what it is we want with full faith and conviction!

We know everyone wants to be healthier which is why people often search for "mobile personal trainers near me", take action, we all have the power to “Reshape” our lives, our bodies and minds!

You have the power!

Blog schedule

  1. Motivation Mondays (Self help strategies and stories)

  2. Well being Wednesday's (talks about mental health and well-being)

  3. Friday Fitness (All things exercise)

If you like our content and have a topic you want us to cover in one of our blog posts we would love your feedback, like we said, we are trying to build a community!

Some of the best blogs ideas could come from you, so don't be shy, get involved, comment bellow your suggestions or email us (links below)

Future Projects

There are many innovations we are working on to improve your experience here at RIF, and here's what to keep an eye out for as our services improve for you.

Reshape blogs

As you know this is our first blog on the site, there will be many incredible topics covered going ahead!

Reshape Challenges

This will be our in house fitness challenge page, here our community can take our challenges, or set their own for others to take.

The Reshape Infinity Podcast

Cantered around success and personal development The Reshape Podcast will have a variety of guests from various backgrounds and experience.

This podcast will be available on our YouTube channel and some of your favourite podcast streaming sites and as our website develops it will be on here too.

Reshape Retreats

Reshape Retreats are fitness retreats, these will be over a weekend or a full week, during the excursion our focus will be on fitness and building positive habits into your life through self-help techniques and strategic planning.

Liverpool Group exercise classes Reshape

Group exercise classes in Liverpool, our aim is to build the Reshape name, and over time get classes with around 200 participants. Group energy is a dynamic and electric, it motivates us all to work harder.

Zoom fitness classes

Our Zoom workout sessions will be possible for all to do, from anywhere with a decent enough internet connection. These will include the above group sessions plus Zoom specific sessions.

Workout videos/ tutorials

These can also be found on our YouTube channel Reshape Infinity Fitness, looking for a great workout, go check it out.

Reshape Store

Finally on this list of upgrades to come to our services as we grow is the Reshape Store, we will be adding a shop section to our website where you can pick up fitness and self help supplies.

We have a lot of plans for this website and the brand Reshape Infinity Fitness!

Our vision

As the Reshape name grows, our goal is to create multi sport gym's across the UK, then the word, our gym's will be a place for people to try new sports and perfect the ones they love.

Our future gym's will be different location to location, but the main similarity will be they will all be a multi sport facility, not just like a normal big box gym. Such facilities could include rock climbing walls, traditional weights gym, dance studios, skate park, martial arts, yoga and more.

The vision truly is gargantuan and a few lines simply can't paint the picture, it will take years to build the Funds to create our gyms... All effort put into RIF will be worth it when there are happy gym goers training with a smile on their face and making new friendships! We are glad you could be here to read our first blog. This blog was more about us as a company, our future blogs will be more tailored around fitness tips, self help strategies and interesting topics our community suggest. Thank you or reading. If you are in need of a personal trainer Liverpool please get in touch. Strength and honour until the next time we meet my friends!

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