Personal Trainer Liverpool Revamp Your Routine: Maximise Muscle Growth by Rethinking Exercise Order

Revamp Your Routine: Maximise Muscle Growth by Rethinking Exercise Order

"Dumbbells, weight plates, and gym equipment"

A New Order: Re-organising Exercise Routines for Optimum Hypertrophy

You've likely gotten used to the conventional rhythm of your workouts, starting with big compound lifts, then onto smaller assistance exercises and finally, finishing with your isolation exercises. It's a solid sequence and has probably gotten you some decent results. But, recent research suggests this might not be the most effective way to achieve hypertrophy--basically, muscle growth for us fitness fanatics.

Now, compound lifts are undoubtedly key to any exercise regime. They work multiple muscle groups and joints simultaneously and are usually performed with free weights, allowing for increased load and consequently, increased muscle stimulation. These are your squats, deadlifts, and bench presses--they're big lifts and require serious energy. Traditionally, these have been posited at the beginning of your workout when your energy stores are at their maximum.

Then come your assistance exercises. These are typically movements that assist the main lift in compound exercises. They're meant to target and strengthen the weaker muscles involved in the compound move--think of accessory movements for your squats or deadlifts. Again, these usually feature earlier on in the workout--primarily to prep and strengthen those muscles for the final and most targeted phase of the workout.

Finally, you've got your isolation exercises. These are traditionally the final movements of your workout, serving to target a specific muscle or muscle group exclusively. From your bicep curls to your calf raises, these are the movements that really start to sculpt and hone your physique.

If you follow this traditional order—and many of us do—you would move through your workout from compound lifts, to accessory movements, and finally to your isolation exercises. However, there's an emerging body of research that suggests that flipping the script on this familiar sequence might optimise hypertrophy.

We've found that varying the order of exercises can lead to greater muscle growth over time. Rather than using all your energy on compound lifts at the start, why not start with a few isolation exercises to 'pre-fatigue' the muscles? Then, when you move onto the big lifts, you're already pushing your muscles harder which leads to greater hypertrophy. Likewise, shifting assistance exercises means you're already challenging your muscle groups before moving onto the more complex compounds--this too can lead to enhanced muscle growth.

Yet, this isn't to say completely abandon the tried-and-true routine. Just like any fitness regime, variety and personalisation is key. It makes sense to diversify your workouts and to better align them to your personal fitness goals.

From a personal trainer's perspective, this research is a game-changer. It breaks down old norms and propels us into an era where we have more control over our workouts, and consequently our results. It highlights the importance of constant adaption and personalisation in our routines. As we are hit with ever-changing fitness trends, sometimes it's worth taking a step back, questioning the status-quo and embracing change.

Remember, while this exercise order seems to promise better results, consistency is key, and knowing your body's limits and capabilities are paramount. So, take some time to analyse your current regime and consider making changes. Perhaps it's time to try something new because who knows, a change in exercise order may well be the key to unlocking your fitness potential.

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