Personal Training In Liverpool

We have what it takes to help you achieve your goals through Personal Training

Our Personal training plan

Fun is a big part of working with a PT. If you enjoy lifting big weights, we can work on that, if you enjoy yoga, we can incorporate that, if you enjoy using machines, then we have a workout planned for you. If your passion is football, then we can train that. We even play games to make the workout more fun. Personal Training is not just one method fits all. Each session, with each client is different and bespoke, that is why we call it "Personal".

Tracking progress

Our professional PT’s track each workout. Every repetition is written down, and the joy of this is that as you develop your fitness level and get stronger, you can look back and see just how far you have come. We often forget how far we have come, and tracking each workout allows you to respect and appreciate the progress you have made! Also, in the notes we write how tough you found each workout, how enjoyable, your favourite exercise, and what you thought. This helps us constantly keep the workouts fresh and bespoke to you. Talking about tracking progress, on the 1st of every month we will do a fitness test. This is a fantastic way to see your fitness level progress, and also your bodies progression. We use photos and measurements to really help you see the changes in your body.

If you struggle with confidence in the gym, either because you’re new, or you feel people are judging you, then working with a PT can combat that. We don't just work on the physical, you will also see an improvement in your mental image of yourself too. A positive and healthy mind-set is so vital to living a healthy happy life. Our PT’s promote and encourage strong habits. We are always willing to help you develop a solid routine and we can work on this together.

Another important thing is diet/nutrition. What we eat on a day to day basis plays a huge role in reshaping your body. It is vitally important that we fuel our body with the right nutrition when training. If you ask your PT they will be able to answer your questions to help you achieve your goals. Our PT’s are professional, they give you their undivided attention during a session and you will never catch them on their phone or slacking.

Our personal training prices

That is a good segue into pricing and session structure. Sessions are 1 hour long and cost £30. You will decide with your PT how many sessions you want to do per week/ per month. Payments will be taken on the 1st of each month to make it easier for you. Direct debits can be set up, and you can increase or decrease sessions as you get more confident in the gym. At the beginning of your journey we will go over the "Start up forms". This consultation takes approximately 1 hour, and includes your medical history in order to best plan your workout routines, body composition, and your basic information for insurance purposes. At this stage we will take your measurements, pictures and discuss goals.

Feedback from our PT 1-2-1 clients

Some of the feedback we have gotten from clients is that they love how they don't have to get flustered thinking about what exercises to do, or whether they are doing them correctly. People say it takes a lot of the stress out of going to the gym as their dedicated PT has already planned the session and can spot technique! More feedback we have received is that the intensity of training alone just doesn't match that when training with a PT. That sessions alone are slower, less productive, less empowering, with more distractions between sets, such as phones, and ultimately just not as fun.

Arrive early for best results

We advise our clients to arrive roughly 20 minutes before the session is due to start. That way you have plenty of time to get changed into exercise clothes if needed, and then start your cardio warm up. This means that when your PT starts your session you can dive right in and make the most of your time together. Towards the end of the session we will do a cool down and stretch routine together, this prevents injury and keeps you supple for your next session.

What are the benefits of getting 1-1 Personal Training and what to expect?

The hardest thing most people find about going to the gym, is going the gym. Personal Training (PT) gives you the accountability to reach your goals, the motivation needed to stay on track, and the expertise of a seasoned Trainer to plan your workout sessions.

The preconceived notion about PT is it's unbelievably hard and you get shouted at all the time like you are in the army. The truth is, you get to train with someone who is as dedicated to your goals as much as you are. Will it be hard? Yes. Will it be impossible? No. In fact, to progress we must do it one step at a time, so you will incrementally get stronger and fitter to reduce injuries and maximise gains.

Personal Training can be catered to all fitness levels, from absolute beginners wishing to learn the basics and start a healthy way of life, who may be struggling with motivation, to top athletes wishing to get to the next level in their sports career. One of the hidden joys in PT is building a friendship, it is sometimes an emotional experience as we do truly want you to succeed and achieve your goals. It is such a pleasure to share that journey of self-discovery with someone.

Talking about friendships, there is also the option to do the Buddy System, where you and up to 2 of your friends can all train together for just an extra £10 per head. Meaning you all pay less than if you were to get the sessions individually. If any of your friends are looking to get fit, but don't want to use The Buddy System, then for every referral who you sign up who becomes a paying client, you will get 20% off the following months training.

We are ready to start training, are you?

All our PT's are fully qualified and insured, giving you confidence in our ability and credentials. Our PT’s strive for greatness too, we all have a yearning for knowledge and are invested in gaining new qualifications and experience to better help and guide you on your journey.

If you would like to trial a PT session, we offer 1 free session to perspective clients. That way you can get to know us, before we begin our journey together. Talk to us now to start your training journey..

Exceed your own expectations and take the first step towards the future you! The power to Reshape is in your hands.